May 23, 2022

The WOW Factor: Wisdom and Wit In Homecare

Envision Home Health and Hospice serves patients of varying ages and with a variety of needs. However, the majority of our patients are older adults. As a result, we have numerous opportunities not only to care for these individuals, but also to learn from their wisdom and wit. Here on the Envision blog, we’d like to share some of these unique and wonderful moments with you from time-to-time. We call them WOW moments.

WOW stands for “Words of Wisdom and Wit.” Home health care is full of them.

Now, for today’s story . . .

James [not his real name] is a gentleman who has passed the eighty-year mark. He is a bright, energetic man who does not look his age. (Of course, the older I get as a nurse, the younger my patients seem to look.) James finds ways to remain youthful in spite of physical limitations and occasional setbacks from health problems. He has supportive family around him and he refuses to allow his difficulties to discourage him. Maybe he is one of the lucky ones who was blessed with the happiness gene. To be honest, he’s not necessarily a smiley or jovial person. He is more of a dry humor type, but his contentment and positive attitude comes across in every interaction I’ve had with him.

Young & Old

The WOW moment came when I commented on his youthful appearance and his generally pleasant mood – even when his physical therapy is demanding or when he gets bad news about the need for yet another doctor’s visit.

His response was, “No matter how long I live, I’m determined to die young.”

Thank you, James. I’m saving that one for a rainy day. Or even a sunny day! May we all stay young for the rest of our lives!

WOW moments are one of many reasons why Envision is among the best places to work. If you are interested in joining the Envision team, please call us at 1-866-471-5733 or visit this link. We’d love to hear from you! Maybe you have your own WOW moment to share. Feel free to write about it in the comment section below.