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Neurological Conditions Management Program

Neurological Conditions Management Program

Envision’s Neurological Conditions Management Program

Envision’s Neurological Conditions Management Program

Neurological disorders are diseases of the brain, spinal cord, and nervous system. They include conditions such as Alzheimer disease and other dementias; cerebrovascular diseases including stroke; multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, neuro-infections, brain tumors, and traumatic disorders due to head trauma. When something goes wrong with a part of your nervous system, it can affect the entire body. A comprehensive approach to neurological care is essential.

Each neurological condition requires a unique approach to address the underlying causes and manage symptoms. Our clinicians provide specialized care, based on scientific research and experience. Our team aims to develop and implement treatment plans tailored to your specific needs.

Neurological Conditions Management Program for Seniors in Utah


Support and Education

We provide information and resources about the specific neurologic condition you are experiencing and its management. We aim to empower you, and those around you, to take a positive active role in your health in order to help you attain your specified health goals and retain function and independence.


Neurological rehabilitation is a dynamic process that evolves over time as your needs change. Our interdisciplinary team utilizes evidence-based practices to address cognitive deficits, improve strength and endurance, teach adaptive techniques to address loss of function, and ultimately help you and your family understand the disease and attain your long-term health goals.

Medication Management

Many neurological disorders can be controlled with medications as prescribed by your healthcare provider. It’s essential to follow your prescribed medication regimens carefully. We partner with ExactCare Pharmacy to make it easier to manage the complexities of your medication administration and adherence.

Safety Measures

Implementing safety measures like door alarms, ID bracelets, and emergency plans help to ensure the well-being and safety of individuals with neurological conditions. Our clinicians realize that needs may change over time, and will reassess and adapt safety measures accordingly. Providing a secure environment can help reduce anxiety and confusion for both you as well as your loved ones

Client Testimonials

Average 5-star reviews

I enjoyed working with Envision very much. Brian and P.T. came to my home to help me with pelvic fractures and was very professional. He arrived on time and explained all of the exercises clearly and thoroughly. He told me the purpose of each exercise. Brian was always pleasant and gentle. Thank you Brian and Envision Home Health & Hospice for all of your excellent care!

Mrs. Brandt

This was the first time I had to rely on outside help to get my health back. I was doubtful at first but quickly found Brian very helpful and knowledgeable. He was very patient with me and could easily sense when I needed a break! He took the time to show me things I could do myself to strengthen my hip and leg muscles! I would strongly recommend this company and Brian to anyone in need of physical therapy.

Janice Hook

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